Tomorrow's Heirlooms

Imagine your favourite mug, perhaps your grandmother's. Have you ever wondered about the history that led it to your morning tea? And have you wondered what might await in the future when your paths diverge?

We present to you a blossoming utopian vision of overgrown landscapes, a lush and colourful future of design in green wetlands and flowering meadows where nature has taken over the world of humans too. All that remains are their resilient and feral pets - lizards. What they have left from the days of civilisation is a fondness for certain human artefacts, namely our favourite ceramic design products. They serve as meeting places, shrines or magical landscapes for scaly rendezvous.

In this series of photographs, our collective imagination has taken us to an alternate future that exists (probably) only in our visions. Here we present the timeless ceramic creations of young designers. They bring to the Czech brand Křehký fresh breeze, which we have complemented with the scent of freshly picked lilac and intoxicating lilies.

As part of the styling, we recycled fabrics from other designers and combined them with both fresh and dried flowers that were used as decorations in our homes or other photo shoots. In the background, you can see a unique fragment of latex fabric from designers who use it to make bags and backpacks. In addition, the photos have not been digitally manipulated. All the "actors", living and non-living, have played their roles exactly as you see them. The agamas are not mock-ups or post-production gimmicks but were borrowed from a breeder who rescues reptiles from substandard conditions.

Welcome to a world of extraordinary hidden corners, drowning in an explosion of colour and shape.

Creative Director / Markéta Kosinová
Set Design / Kateřina Hynková
Photographer / Ondřej Szollos
Photo assistant, retouch / Tomáš Jakubec
Produced by SWARM MAG

Flowers / Kytky od Pepy
Agamas / Martin Šír, vousatky
Latex background / Angel&Devil

Designers / Křehk'ý
Organic vases / Tomáš Černý
Vases with landscape / Šárka Ištvánová
Mugs / Antonín Tomášek
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