On March 30th the Dragoon Ride entered the Prague... 
We decided to document this event. There were 3 different kinds of expired 35mm film material in our fridge (Kodak ektachrome, Fuji Reala and Konica). We used 3 different kinds of cameras: Ricoh GR1S, Lc-a and Voigtlander Bessa R. 
   The event took place at Ruzyně barracks, it lasted for one day and attracted all sorts of interesting people, politicians, activists,  army enthusiasts and freaks. It was rainy as hell that day, but we had fun taking these pictures anyways. At one point there was more beer than rainwater there. 
   I also took the first picture as a tribute to Mr. Koudelka, who photographed the Russian army forces entering Prague in 1968. 
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